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Your Comfort is our Ultimate Goal

As a former part-time resident of the Coachella Valley, I understand the concerns you often face.  Is my property OK?  Has a golf ball gone through a window?  Is there a pipe leaking?  Has my AC failed in the hottest part of the summer?  Add to this the stress of returning after months and finding a toilet seal broken due to lack of use or a critter calling your condo home!  Rancho Mirage Caretakers is here to relieve those concerns and assure that when you return your oasis in the desert it is just that.

Know that your property will always be under the watchful eye of a trust worthy person who also happens to be a Coachella Valley neighbor.

You are under the watchful eye of James Siler.  James has owned numerous properties, worked in journalism for over 30 years and has had FBI and Secret Service clearance.

James will provide full verification of how your property is fairing via twice monthly visits with time stamped photos, live video feeds and/or social media feeds.  Your preference is our preference! 

When you return, James can arrange services like cleaning, AC maintenance and the like if you wish to arrive worry free!


It is nice to know that you will return to your property as you left it but what you really need is security. James understands the concerns you have because he has experienced them first hand.  Something as simple as a golf ball though a window could go unnoticed by HOA security and leave your property the target for easy entry.  And think about the AC bill!  Having an additional set of watchful eyes visiting twice a month will increase security and also allow for quick repairs before they grow to a far larger problem.

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Wonder and Worry No More!

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